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Weighted flax & Lavender Cotton Pillow

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Unwind with Paizlie’s Lavender FlaxSeed Eye Mask, crafted to dissipate your day's stress with its calming scent and it's hot or cold therapeutic touch. Designed for versatility, it's ideal for placing over your eyes or on the neck, providing relief from tension, easing headache discomfort, and aiding peaceful sleep. Its gentle weight soothes tired muscles, offering an all-over body relaxation experience.

- Perfect for deepening your yoga or meditation practice, as well as enhancing your nightly sleep routine. 
- The weighted design gently conforms to the contours of your face, providing therapeutic pressure to alleviate eye strain and encourage full relaxation.
- With a removable and washable linen cover, it's an eco-friendly choice that aligns with your sustainable lifestyle while promoting rest and well-being.

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Weighted flax & Lavender Cotton Pillow
Weighted flax & Lavender Cotton Pillow
Weighted flax & Lavender Cotton Pillow
Weighted flax & Lavender Cotton Pillow
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