Caring for your Paizlie sleep and lounge wear

Caring for your Paizlie sleep and lounge wear

Purchasing new clothing is an exceptional experience that cannot be replicated, particularly when it comes to silk. Historically, royalty from various countries have worn silk. It is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Silk is an investment that is meant to last. Despite being one of the fabrics with the highest durability, silk requires a lot of upkeep. 

Before moving forward, always read the instructions on the tags.

It is imperative that you always follow the instructions on the tags. Sometimes the tags will mention something such as “Only dry clean” or “Only hand wash” and if you happen to miss them, it’ll cause you harm in the long-run. 

Use a washer/dryer only when instructed to do so.

Most silk clothing do not use washers or dryers, but in rare cases they can be washed which again, will be written on the tags.

NEVER use bleach for removing stains. 

Using bleach can cause your cloth to disintegrate, and if it doesn’t do that, it’ll permanently ruin the colour of your silk.

Hand washing

Hand washing is the cheapest and safest way to wash your silk, but again, if the label tells you to only dry clean it, please follow the instructions. 

  1. Fill a bucket or basin with water
  2. Add a small amount of detergent
  3. Soak the cloth for 3 minutes
  4. Scrub the cloth gently
  5. Drain the water 
  6. Rinse with cold water until clear
  7. Wrap the silk with a towel without scrubbing it
  8. Hang it to dry

When you invest in silk, it’s crucial to look after it properly. With the right maintenance and care, your silk garments can last a long time, preserving their beauty and quality.